Call for Papers: Journal of Ethnology and Folkloristics 2022 (Volume 17 Issue 2) „Hybrid Beliefs and Identities“

Hybridity is the act of living in borderlands. In many regions of the world, we witness an unexpected rise in ethnic and religious sentiments. Simultaneously, articulation of religious belonging becomes mixed with changes in the group or ethnic identities. Mixed reactions to change on different levels of society appear in everyday conduct but also in state politics. How can the process of hybridization influence people's religious experience and sense of belonging? How are ethnicity and everyday religiosity connected? What happens at the boundaries of ethnicity and religion? How does postcolonial ambivalence trigger the contestation of religious and ethnic differences?    The 2022 special issue of the Journal of Ethnology and Folkloristics ( calls for articles that discuss mediation of belief and belonging in postcolonial and postmodern settings. We expect to collect a volume of scholarly articles that examine diverse modes of hybridization of religion and collective identities. We encourage our authors to foster theoretical discussions regarding the hybridity of religious conduct and ideas and focus on intriguing case-studies based on field experiences.   The deadline for submitting article manuscripts is February 15, 2022. The deadline for notes and reviews is April 30, 2022. The issue will be published in autumn 2022. Please submit your article to e-mail Editor-in-Chief responsible for the issue is Prof. Art Leete. Contact e-mail: